April's gig: The Hometowners

‘The Hometowners’ was first conceived in the early 1970’s, when Kevin Clarke, his old school pal Mick Collins and a few other mates started their very first folk club at The Railway Hotel in Hollinwood. This was the original venue for “Oldham’s first boy band” who back in the day supported the famous Christy Moore, Oldham Tinkers, Mike Harding, to name but a few.

The Hometowners have supported several International folk singers including Maddy Prior, Davey Arthur and Isla St. Clair. Together over many, many years they also hosted some very popular “Sunday Singers Nights” in the Saddleworth area - always performing for the audiences delight and delectation. Just like today, wherever you see The Hometowners advertised you can certainly expect a night of good humour, good song and good musicianship. Happy Listening!

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